Pandemic can’t stop girls’ lacrosse Senior Night


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Izzy Richards (12) was one of the 12th-graders honored at virtual Senior Night.

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to grow, all spring sports have been brought to a halt. It is unknown whether spring sports will resume, so girls’ lacrosse decided to hold a virtual Senior Night.

Captains Isabel Richards (12) and Paige Conrad (11) came up with the idea to have teammates join an app called Zoom, allowing them to have a large virtual meeting in order to celebrate the graduating team members.

“Izzy and I were talking about Senior Night and got the idea after our friends did a Zoom Prom,” Conrad said. “We thought it would be an easy way to get the team together in case our season is canceled.”

Conrad also had teammates send videos of themselves holding up a sign with words that corresponded to a greater message.

“Since the seniors didn’t get a proper Senior Night, I put together a video for them of the team giving them a little send off,” Conrad said. “We know it’s hard for them because this was their year and sadly they didn’t get to experience it like everyone else, so we tried to make it sentimental.”

Senior Daniah Jarrah said she was touched by the support of her teammates during the crisis.

“Our Zoom Senior Night was adorable since Paige had everyone make a cute video for us seniors,” Jarrah said. “I’m going to miss our season and being able to spend time with the team on and off the field.”

Going into the season, several players had their sights set on winning districts; however, Covid-19  upended that goal.

“Covid-19 is definitely our biggest competitor since it stopped our games and even practices,” Alexis Vorndran (10)  said. “At the beginning of the season our team was strong, both physically and mentally, so our hopes were high when thinking about districts.”  

By Jessica Marzano