MS track prepares for new season

With the upcoming track season just around the corner, middle-school runners have begun to get back in shape, starting practices after school.

Coaches look forward to seeing some new faces as well as returning students participating in track. Coach Gabrielle Powers said one her primary purposes is to groom athletes for the high-school team.

“[My expectations are] for the kids is to get an idea about what is involved in track and just get a glimps as to what high school track could be like and to be more involved,” she said. “I hope they are all striving for their best times. If we have some kids that stand out that is what we kind of look for and hope for regarding to later joining high-school track.”

Starting track in middle school allows participants to become friends with those in other grades.

“For example the seventh-graders kind of stick to themselves,” Powers said. “So having the opportunity to be with and work with eighth-graders gives them a better opportunity for not only a school community but making friends in different grades.”

Runners also are looking forward to the upcoming season.

“It’s really exciting to get to spend more time with your friends and make new friends,” seventh-grader Jonelle P. said. “Sometimes you end up not being in any classes with your friends, so track is a time to make up for that.”

“[I look forward to] being able to stay in shape for soccer,” Jonelle said. “You also get to see what high school track is like and how it is different.”

Middle-school track season is shorter than its high-school counterpart. The biggest difference is the events: middle-school track’s longest event is the mile, and middle-schoolers don’t participate in hurdles, discus or triple jump.

The middle-school team will compete at its first meet Feb. 18.

By Alexa Eenhuis

Editor’s note: Brevard Public School policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.