MS boys end season at 7-2


The Wildcats middle-school boys’ basketball team defeated Edgwood 39-21 in an away game on Sept. 24.

Dave Foster, Staff Writer

With a 51-44 victory against the Cocoa Beach Minutemen on Thursday, the boys’ middle-school basketball team ended its nine-game season on a six-game winning streak. Chase S. scored 14 points to lead the way on offense and Keegan followed with 11 points, complemented by Evan L. and Sam L. with their continued dominance on the boards.
 The team finished 7-2, setting the school record for the most victories. A balanced offensive attack and complementary big men also helped the Wildcats average 48 points a game, a difficult feat in middle-school basketball. Getting off to a slow start, the Wildcats were blown out by division rival, Edgewood Indians, but the Wildcats made steady gains as the season wore on. In a late-season rematch on Sept. 24, the ’Cats dominated the Indians, containing their leading scorers to a combined 5 points on their way to an 18-point victory.
With a team loaded with eighth-graders, Coach Greg Buttrick could have his hands full with a maximum of just four  returning players next season.
 “They will have to step up and lead the way on next year’s team,” the first-year coach said. “That means the majority of the team will be new players, so you never know the talent level until we actually see what we have.”
Buttrick also is unsure if he will return for a second season as the middle-school basketball coach as he also plans to coach the junior varsity team and assist with the varsity squad.
Despite the uncertainty, Buttrick remains optimistic.
“The future looks bright for West Shore basketball,” he said.
Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district web sites.