Men’s, women’s bowling teams announced

Seniors Derek D’Esposito, Nick de la Hoz, Logan Moletteire and Brandon Toothaker made the men’s bowling team during tryouts held Monday and Tuesday at the Harbor Lanes Bowling Center. Juniors Timmy Pham and Anthony Wattwood, freshmen Noah Moletteire and seventh-grader Chris M. also made the team.

“Because I didn’t make the team last year, I feel overwhelmed to make the team this year,” Pham said.

Seniors Kimberly Baylen, Lauren Brown, Leah Crowley, Katelyn Kern, Nicole Machon, Emily Warnock and Kacie Warshowsky made the women’s team. Eighth-grader Mika B. will be the lone non-senior on the team.

“We had about 20 try out,” Coach Kirk Murphy said. “I would always like to have more, but for a school size and with all this happening, I am satisfied.”

By Krunal Patel, Roar staff