Lifters gear up for Saturday meet

Lifters finished their final week of lifting last week before moving to the pre-contest week of light lifting. Team members had to do sets of two with their heaviest set coming close to their maximum weights so Coach Spero Tshontikidis can determine their opener in the contest.

In a powerlifting contest, lifters have a total of nine attempts to lift on the platform, three attempts  for each of the three differents lifts: squat, benchpress and deadlift. The opener is the first attempt in each lift and is the lightest of the three attempts.

“My opener for squat will be around 300 pounds, for bench it will be 210 pounds and deadlift will be about 375 pounds,” junior Trey Plyler said. “If these are my openers, then I would like to squat 335 pounds, bench about 230 pounds and deadlift like 425 pounds.”

Junior Ben Johnson who is recovering from a sprained ankle, cannot lift next weekend because of injuries.

“I hurt it by hitting it on the stage when I was about to do a spin and then I had to jump backstage and landed on it weird which made it even worse,” Johnson said. “It bums me out a lot that I have to miss the meet, but like Spero said, I need to focus of getting heal and then bouncing back.”

The meet will be held on Saturday at LifePoint church in Palm Bay Florida.

By Jacob Kent