Lacrosse season starting up


Dean Stewart

Senior Paula Kostro works on her stick work.

The girl’s lacrosse team is conditioning and preparing for the upcoming season. Attendance to these conditionings has been lacking due to players involved in extracurricular actives.

“The conditionings are right after school which makes it hard for me and any other multi-sport athletes to attend because our practices are at the same time. Although we can’t attend, we are still getting in shape through our practices and games,” said junior Angela Ahern.

Conditioning started right after winter break, and are everyday after school from 3:30 to 4:45.

“Our conditionings basically consists of footwork and endurance training,” said senior Sierra Purden. “We begin with running around the track, followed by ladders to help our footwork. Then we end with defensive strategies.”

Many of the girls went to camps over summer  to work on their stick work, and although some starters will not be back the season, they have many talented returning players. A handful of new girls have also been attending conditionings.

“I think we will do really well this season, these conditionings have been preparing our team strategically  and physically. However we have new teams in our district that we’ve never played before,” said junior Amanda Moscrip.