Lacrosse players implicated in vaping probe

After a parent reported his student for dealing illicit substances to students on campus, the school administration has been investigating complaints of students vaping on campus. 

“Vaping is very dangerous,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said. “It seems like most students don’t think it’s that big of a deal.”

Multiple students are undergoing disciplinary action for possessing nicotine-laden items on campus; one is known to have been expelled for having a dab pen in his vehicle.

Many on the lacrosse team have been questioned and searched.

“It’s really gotten to epidemic proportions,” Halbuer said.

The school follows district discipline policies when students are caught with vape pens or other substances.

The faculty has taken action to prevent more students from using illegal substances and vape paraphernalia. Principal Rick Fleming has shared a vaping informative video to teachers and parents and asked that the videos be shown during homeroom.

“Our SGA officers attended a district workshop on vaping,” Halbuer said. “And next semester, we are going to be having the guest speaker talk to all of our students regarding vape and what it is and the dangers.”

As for the lacrosse team, the coach has suspended practices until further notice.

“Right now we don’t have any meetings inside or outside of school,” junior lacrosse player Kyle Johnson said. We’re not allowed to meet.” 

The first game has been scheduled for late February.

By Emma Robinson