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Lacrosse conditioning begins

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The boys’ lacrosse team has begun conditioning to prepare the players for the upcoming season. Coach Don Bourlier plans the drills to work on each player’s level of agility.

“Lacrosse requires a high level of speed and endurance,” Bourlier said. “Increasing the players’ level of athleticism and conditioning will greatly increase our chances for success.”

Senior Ben Schwaller already has noticed a difference.

“I have found the practice on flexibility and footwork helpful and think are very important in providing a solid foundation for lacrosse,” he said.

The team currently is not permitted play simulated matches because the use of lacrosse equipment before Jan. 30 is prohibited under Florida High School Athletic Association rules.

“Until Jan. 30 we will concentrate on conditioning and team-building,” Bourlier said. “Team-building concepts, goal setting and physical conditioning are the building blocks for a successful season.”

The conditioning sessions, which are held Tuesdays and Thursdays, have allowed participants to become acquainted with Bourlier and his standards.

“After meeting and working with some of the players, it is very evident to me that their level of committment and enthusiasm is outstanding,” Bourlier said. “I believe that our 2012 season will be very successful and rewarding.”

By Jack Moore


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The School Newspaper of West Shore Junior/Senior High School
Lacrosse conditioning begins