JV girls’ soccer team prepares for season

Freshman Bella Ruohomaki was thrilled to find out she made the junior varsity girls’ soccer team. The 2021 season’s team roster was posted on Oct. 21.

“It felt pretty good since this was the first time I’ve made the team,” Ruohomaki said. “I was definitely happy and proud.”

Ruohomaki played last year due to a shortage of players, so she did not have to try out. This year there were more than enough players at tryouts, so junior varsity Coach Natalie McLachlan could not accept all players on to the team.

“There was a total of 42 girls that tried out for both varsity and JV,” McLachlan said. “Twenty made varsity and 18 made JV, so we had to cut four girls.”

McLachlan saidc she did not take the decision lightly.

“It was a very difficult decision to decide who to cut because everyone out there gave it their all,” she said. “In the end, it came down to who showed more skill and experience out on the field.”

Ruohomaki said since practice started on Oct. 22 the athletes are getting to know each other and assessing their skills.

“I think [Coach] Natalie is just trying to see where we are all at right now,” Ruohomaki said. “We’ve done activities that help us learn each other’s names.”

McLachlan said the team has also been working on important skills.

“Currently we are working on trapping the ball out of the air and learning to control the first touch on the ball,” McLachlan said. “I think this will be a skill we will need to continue to refine. And [we need] to also work on overall speed of play.”

McLachlan said she is happy with the team’s progress.

“I think the team is looking great so far and I am optimistic about our games this season,” McLachlan said.

The team’s first game is on Nov. 9 at Edgewood.

By Ella Richardson