JV boys slither past Space Coast

Seventh-grader Ayden L. scored the go-ahead goal to lead the junior varsity soccer team past Space Coast 4-2 in a tight game Monday night. Sophomore Saul Torres added the final goal moments later.

Ayden, a late-game substitution, scored his first goal this season.

“I just want to score really bad to help the team win,” he said. “I was in the zone, and I just kicked it.”

He celebrated by running over to the bench after the goal.

“Everyone was hugging me, and it felt awesome,” he said.

The rest of the team celebrated as well. Eighth-grader John H. was on the bench when Ayden scored.

“Everyone stood up,” he said. “I was going crazy. After the game, I ran on to the field, grabbed Ayden, put him on my shoulders and partied.”

The final game is against Holy Trinity on Friday at 5:30 p.m. The varsity team will play at 7 p.m.

By Danny Dolnik


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