Holding informational meetings in gym upsets basketball schedule

During the recent informational meetings held for prospective seventh-graders and their parents, junior varsity and varsity basketball teams had their practices cancelled or moved outside because the events were moved to the gym due to space limitations in the auditorium.

“When we are outside there isn’t much we can actually do, so we’re lucky if we can even hold practice to one hour,”Coach Dave D’Esposito said.
Sophomore basketball player Brooke Robertson said the basketball team shouldn’t have to be moved around because of meetings and events that should be held in the auditorium.
“I don’t think it’s right,” she said. “The whole point of building the auditorium was to hold events in there, and now it isn’t even big enough to hold families that are interested in coming to school here next year.”
Senior Courtney Barney said that being kept out of the gym for two days how the team played in its game last week.
“I think school events shouldn’t be allowed in the gym during sports seasons that use the gym because it causes conflict with game scheduling,” she said.
By Victoria D’Esposito