Girls’ Lax heads to Gainesville

The girls’ lacrosse team is taking its talents to the University of Florida this summer for a skills camp with the college’s lacrosse team.

“I found out about the camp last year when I was searching around for camps.” junior Christine Sherry said, “I wanted to go last year but never got to. This year I brought it up to my parents again and my mom sent an email out to all of the parents and they were pretty interested in it too and decided we could go.”

The girls will set out to improve their skills on June 24-26 with one of the top ranked college girls’ teams in the nation.

“I’m most excited about learning defense.” sophomore Kaitlin Inganna said, “Our team is super great and getting to hang out with them will be a blast, but defense is the one skill that I feel I lack. Going to this camp will hopefully teach me how to get the ball from some players that are even better than who we normally go against.”

Sherry is also looking forward to working with different coaching styles and improving basic skills for next season.

“Since the UF team is very good and they have really good coaches, I think they will provide us with a lot of tips that we will be able to use for the upcoming season.” Sherry said, “I hope to work on just basic drills and game skills and gain tips that will help us improve. I think it will help us a lot next season.”

The team will be staying in the University of Florida dormitories and will have a busy agenda starting at 7 a.m. and not finishing until 9 p.m.

“I’m really looking forward to spending an entire weekend with the girls because they are the funniest and coolest people I know and without them the camp definitely wouldn’t be any fun.” Inganna said, “I think this will be a great bonding experience because we usually just see each other at practice and by this time we are cranky and tired and not the real us. Getting to hang out with the team 24/7 will definitely be a way to see other sides of the people that I have come so close to love.”

By Lauren Youngson