Girls’ lacrosse whips MCC for 2-0 start

Desiree Shields, Staff Writer

Junior Christine Sherry and Sophomore Kaitlin Inganna led the West Shore Lady Wildcats Lacrosse team to a 15-1 drubbing of the Melbourne Central Catholic Hustlers on Wednesday night.

“We came in thinking this game was going to be tough, so we got ourselves psyched to come out with a win,” Sherry said. “It turned out in the long run because we were all pumped up and finished the game with a victory.”

Although the team has come out triumphant in its first two games of the season, the players know there is always room from improvement. Senior Jackie Sherry said it’s hard to tell if the team is just really good or if the other teams in the Lady Wildcats’ bracket are not so good, but Friday’s game against Satellite will be a real test.

“We’re trying to keep clear heads for tomorrow’s game against Satellite,” junior Sierra Purden said. “”It will be a tough game and we will need to have our heads in the game and work together.”

The girls are scheduled to play at Satellite on Friday night.