Girls’ lacrosse team falls in opener 6-5

Freshman Emily Davidson led the Lady Wildcats with two goals, but the girls’ lacrosse team lost to Satellite High 6-5 in its first-ever match Tuesday night.

“I think we did good considering it was our first time playing,” sophomore defender Brooke Robertson said. “We only lost by one point in our first game.”

Although this is West Shore’s first year with a lacrosse team, Satellite has more experienced players.

“They have four girls that have played before, and they basically relied on those girls the whole game,” sophomore Jackie Sherry said.

According to Sherry, team unity was something in which West Shore’s team  took the upper hand.

“We played more as a team, as opposed to relying on a few key players to win the game,” she said.

During the game, the referee’s whistles sounded frequently.

“I was kind of expecting [the whistles to be blown] because it was our first game,” senior attacker Christina Baylen said. “Lacrosse is a new sport to us, and there were a lot of rules we needed to learn.”

Sherry comments on the rules that the team needed to implement.

“There was a lot of little rules that we didn’t understand, and that we needed to learn how to apply,” she said.

The team’s next game is scheduled for Feb. 26 at Satellite High School at 7 p.m.

By Alex Hamaker and Jennifer Garrido