Girls’ lacrosse gears up for season

Briana Sandoval , staff writer

A light fog hovers over the field at 6:30 a.m. as a group of athletes jog in formation around its perimeter. Members of the girls’ lacrosse team are preparing for their games with a conditioning regimen that includes showing up for school even before the sun rises.

“The team has started practicing in the morning on Mondays and Wednesdays, which is a major difference from last year, but overall I think it’s great because I have more time after school to do homework or just hang out with friends,” senior Daphna Krause said. “Like some of the other girls on the team, I had already started conditioning months before the season started, so the transition from offseason to on-season wouldn’t be so grueling.”

According to sophomore Hannah LeBeau, morning practices aren’t the only changes that have been made heading into the season.

“We lost a lot of our key players, but we also gained a lot of new players, so right now we are adjusting to a new dynamic,” LeBeau said. “We are also focusing a lot on technique too, maybe more so than last year.”


Krause said the team’s improvements have given her hope for their success.

“Lacrosse has definitely exceeded my expectations this year, and I am expecting us to win districts,” she said. “In past years, we have always received runner-up, so this year, with as many returning players and seniors that we have, I am optimistic and hopeful for what the season may bring.”

Krause also has set personal goals for her final campaign with the team.

“Last year, I wasn’t able to play as much due to all of the surgeries that had to been done on my foot during the beginning of the season,” Krause said. “This year I am determined to lead my team by scoring a lot of goals and to be a leader to all of the younger members of the team despite last year’s setbacks.”