Girls’ hoops to skip summer-league play

Nora McSorley, Staff Writer

Conditioning for the upcoming season, the girls basketball team will not participate in a summer league for the first time in eight years. The new head coach George Durr explained to the team that he wants to focus on a new offense and leave time to practice more on the changed plays.

“I don’t know how to feel about not participating in our traditional summer league this year,” returning sophomore Kaley Schaefer said, “I’m upset that we’re not (returning to our summer league, because it was a good way to scope out the competition for the next season.”

Other returning players are less skeptical of the change.

“I believe it will give us the upper hand in the next season,” returning sophomore Rebecca Castillo said, “because none of our opponents will know our new secret plays.”

While some players are analyzing the pro’s and con’s of the change, others are just happy for the break.

“I didn’t want to play in a league this year anyway,” returning sophomore Gillian Foster said. “I just want to be lazy during the summer.”

Though the girls basketball team will not be participating in their annual summer league against most of the schools in the district, they will be practicing in the gym four nights a week for the entire summer. Coach Durr’s goals for the season include defending the district title, and competing in the KSA Tournament at the ESPN Zone held at Walt Disney World.