Girls edge boys in lacrosse exhibition

The girls’ lacrosse team pulled out a 13-12 overtime victory in an exhibition match Friday that served as the product for Kelly Hambel’s Senior Project. The boys and girls traded sticks, and played a full game by girls’ rules.

“I played lacrosse last year, and I loved it,” Hambel said. “I knew that Friends of Brevard Lacrosse was short on funds, and I wanted to do something to help keep the sport alive in our area. I figured my Senior Project would be a good way to help, so I had a boys versus girls game and charged admission as well as player fees to try and raise some money.”

The game raised more than $350.

“I felt really good knowing that I was playing for a good cause,” freshman Grant Fontaine said.  “It was also a blast, even if we lost. I learned how hard it is to play with a girl’s stick and by their rules. Kelly is a cool player and a friend of mine, so knew I wanted to play if it was for her Senior Project.”

By Sierra Purden