Girls’ basketball gets a new coach

Coach Dave D’Esposito retired this past year after the Lady Wildcats’ record-breaking season. His youngest daughter, senior Victoria D’Esposito, is the last in the line to pass through West Shore.
“It’s been a great few years here at the school but with my youngest graduating, there is no reason for me to stay,” Coach D’Esposito said. “The girls have done great and I’m confident that they will go far in their season again next year.”
Athletes like sophomore Lydia Kline and freshman Gillian Foster had a large amount of input on who the coach would be since they were two of the starters this past season.
“I just want a coach who will lead us to victory,” Foster said. “Not just in districts but, maybe if we’re lucky, states as well.”
Athletics Director Kim Shepherd let the varsity team know who the coach was a few weeks prior to the meeting last Thursday. The new coach will be George Derr, who has coached at Florida Air Academy along with many other schools.
“I’m excited about our new coach,” sophomore Kristen Burns said. “I heard he was going to make us run a lot which should get us in great shape for the season.”
Girls from all age groups were anxious as they waited to hear if they would even be receiving a coach this year.
“I just want a coach so that we can get practicing already.” eighth grader Jennifer B. said.
Practices start on June 10th and run all the way through July to get prepared for the 2013-2014 season.
“I’m just really happy to have basketball again,” junior Lauren Burns said. “He could make us run for an hour and I’d still be happy to be on the court.”
By Kaley Schaefer

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district websites.