Girls’ varsity basketball injuries increase

Girls’ basketball players experienced more injuries this season than any in past years, causing a number of girls to watch the games rather than play them.

Varsity coach Dave D’Esposito says the injuries have increased due to a district change.

“We started in a new district this season with a lot tougher teams,” D’Esposito said. “The [opponents] are more aggressive and eager to win.”

Junior Vinashna has been on the receiving end of that aggressiveness.

“I injured my ankle by taking a charge and a girl hit my ankle pushing all the ligaments to the right side,” the varsity player said. “I’ve been continuing to hurt it and still go to physical therapy.”

The tougher competition is pushing the teams harder, but sophomore Victoria D’Esposito appears unwilling to back down.

“I have tendonitis in my foot which is really rare at my age,” she said. “It makes it a little hard to play, but I love the sport so I play anyway.”

Other varsity team injuries include Courtney Barney who had a broken nose, Kristy McCoy with a broken ankle and Lenda Bentley with a sprained ankle. By Brooke Robertson