Final regular-season game cancelled

The boys’ varsity soccer expected to play its last regular-season game of the season at Astronaut High in Titusville, but the opposing team never showed up. With the junior-varsity team already at the fields and varsity on its way, Astronaut’s coach announced the cancellation via email.

“It’s kind of was a real bummer,” sophomore keeper Cooper Stein said. “It would’ve been nice to hopefully take another win. We were all looking forward to playing one last game before the District games begin.”

Without the game, the Wildcats didn’t get to practice as a team.

“We were expecting to play a game today, so obviously we didn’t have practice, which kind of messes things up,” junior Cameron Yeutter said. “Having games, even when the opposing team isn’t necessarily good, allows us to work on things and clean up our formation to get better chances of scoring and keeping the ball. Practice helps with a lot, but competing against the other teams and their different types of skills is what helps and shows what we can do and what we need to work on.”

The team celebrated Senior Night on Tuesday.

“We obviously didn’t know that Senior Night was going be our last game of the season before Districts,” sophomore Jacob Klenotich said. “I think we would’ve had a better game if we had known — tried and score more points and since it wasn’t a particularly close match, we could’ve had some more of our seniors score.”

The team will next play in the Cape Coast Conference tournament at home on Tuesday.

By Courtney Carter