Ehmer injury stymies boys’ soccer team

The boys’ varsity soccer team went 0-2 last week, and some believe it may be due to the injuries the team faced Dec. 6. The team was down a coach, both their captains and a goalie when the game against Holy Trinity. The final score read 1-1, after Brock Ehmer (10) scored in the first half. However, after the game Ehmer’s focus wasn’t on the team’s triumph, but a trip to the emergency room and a terrible pain in his abdomen instead.

“I had a really bad pain in my side,” Ehmer said, “so we decided to go check out what was wrong.”

The sophomore was then informed that the mysterious pain was a spleen laceration.

“Along with the laceration, they also told me I had partial bleeding into my stomach,” Ehmer said. “Thankfully, I didn’t need urgent surgery, because they said it would heal on its own. But if it gets worse, I’ll need it.”

The diagnosis also meant that Ehmer would not see the field for a little while.

“They told me it would take about six to eight weeks to heal,”Ehmer said. “So that means I’ll be back like the last game of the season and the beginning of districts.”

Teammates believe his absence could have been a contributing factor as to why they went 2-0 the following week.

“When we played Mel and Heritage, our defense was pretty solid, but our offense was a little off because we had almost no one,” Gavin Robidoux (10) said.

The boys look forward to Ehmer’s return.

“It’ll be good to see Brock get back on the field — no matter how long it takes,” Brody Hetzel (10) said. 

By Tenley Paul