Day’s ailing back cross-country concern

The girls’ varsity cross country team started the season strong, but recently has been struggling with injuries.

At the FL Runners race in Titusville on Oct. 1, the team was without their two fastest girls: Sarah Day and Kate Crowley. Crowley was busy with other obligations and Day, who placed first in the race at Rockledge on Sept. 17, was out with back problems.

“Sarah’s injury is definitely a really big hit for the girls’ team,” senior runner Kate Crowley said. “But she’s been injured a lot, and is really good about getting right back to where she was before an injury faster than anyone expects.”

Despite the absence of Crowley and Day, the team managed to make a successful trip out of the race in Titusville, where every girl in the varsity team set a personal record.

“They have a good work ethic and have been trying really hard,” Day said, “which has been paying off because at the last meet, every girl got a PR.”

The girls hope to make it a strong season.

“We definitely are formidable,” sophomore varsity runner Lexie Krehbiel said. “I see us surely going on to regionals and likely state.”

The girls have more participation than in recent years, which provides a different team dynamic. The girls range from eighth- graders to 12th-graders at a variety of speeds.

“I think the girls’ team gets along well this year,” Crowley said. “There’s just enough competition that we push each other but we still want our teammates to improve. It’s a good balance.”

By Maegan Muir