Dance team to work on choreography

The dance team will work on choreography at Dance Mania Allstars May 30-June 2 in preparation for competition in January.

“This year we are having Dana Parsons the Dance Mania owner and choreographer make up our competition routine,” Purrfections Coach April Shaw said. “Dana has choreographed for hundreds of national-championship teams. She is very talented, and we would love to have her choreograph for us this year.”

Parsons usually charges $500 per dance but because she knows Coach April and a few of the dancers she is charging less.

“Last year our competition dance was very good choreography-wise, but we would like to have a professional this year because it will make us even better,” team captain Katelyn Kent said.

The team plans to practice for five hours during each of the four days.

“It’s going to take a lot of time and energy but it will be worth it because Dana is amazing at what she does,” sophomore Kenzie Scott said. “I know it will make us better as a team.”

By Jessie Shaw