Dance team to open season with smaller squads

The Purrfections dance team still has nine lives after nearly 20 years of performing — and will soon begin a new season.

The team has 18 dancers in total: nine on varsity and nine on junior varsity. There is also no middle-school team this year, according to Purrfections coach April Shaw.

“Our varsity team, in specific, is very small. We only have nine girls,” senior and co-captain Macie Goldfarb said. “And while you’d think at first that would be an issue, it’s actually proven to be really significant in the development of our team because it’s made us a lot closer, which is already super-influential. Usually, you have girls that you are purposefully trying to hide in the back, but this year, our team is the most well-rounded. We don’t have anyone that’s… a weak link, [and] I think that’s going to help us a lot.”

Two members, in particular, have excelled, according to Shaw.

“Macie [Goldfarb] and Kathryn [Carrick] rose above the rest in all areas,” she said. “They went above and beyond to demonstrate that they were going to put the team’s best interests ahead of their own.”

As far a the team’s look, Varsity Pom uniforms have a new design, bit Jazz Uniforms are the same as last year’s.

“[The Varsity Pom Uniforms] are a one-piece uniform with long sleeves and shorts,” Shaw said. “They are navy, white and black. They have a “W” on the chest and lots of rhinestones.”

Shaw said she wants her team to “continue to give 110 percent.”

“It is so exciting to see how much they improve each year when they are committed,” she said. “We are able to put harder lifts and harder technique in the competition routines each year. Remember, you get out of life what you put into it.”

The team’s first official performance will be on Nov. 13 at the boys’ soccer home match against Heritage. In January, the dance team will compete in the Florida Championship and in March, it will compete in Contest of Champions Nationals.

By Roxy Underwood