Dance team takes on pep rallies


Elizabeth Beatty

Abi Johnson (12) performs with the Purrfections dance team

Despite the lack of a football team, administration and student leaders have started to add pep rallies into the school’s routine. For the Purrfections dance team, this means more opportunities to perform and to boost school spirit.

“I think it is really good that our school is trying to have more [pep rallies],” varsity dancer Elizabeth Beattie (11) said. “We will be able to hype up the crowd.”

The dancers’ attendance could help contribute to student involvement.

“[People] may see their friends or classmates on the dance team showing spirit at these events,” co-captain Kathryn Carrick (12) said. “This could make them more invested in the games and make them more interested in school functions.”

The team has brainstormed ideas on how to get the students and audience to feel more connected with enthusiasm. 

“I am looking forward to the turning competitions we talked about having during the water breaks,” Carrick said. “It will really catch their attention.”

As well as sideline activities, the Purrfections’ competition routines will be added into the mix. Once the dances are ready, they will be performed at basketball and soccer games.

“The team is definitely looking forward to performing the competition dances at the games since we have all been working really hard on them,” Katie Perez (11) said. “Finally being able to showcase them will be really rewarding to the team.”

The varsity games start this week and the pep rallies will begin to happen more often as the basketball and soccer seasons ramp up. 

“Sometimes [the students] here get caught up in grades and the amount of difficult classes they are taking,” Perez said. “The pep rallies are a great way to leave us all with memories of the typical high school experience that our school sometimes lacks such as football games to go to with friends.”

By Elise Chauvin