Dance team practices for next year


Turning across the floor, dance team members advance their technique skills.

Anyone can count to eight. However dancing to it, is a skill.  Take a look inside a practice of the Purrfections dance team, and you’ll hear music blaring, legs kicking and hard work from all team members. Performances for the team don’t start until fall, however with competition choreography, camp and an upcoming school year, the Purrfections dance team has no time to lose.

Since April, the team has had weekly practices to improve and prepare for the season. Senior captains Katelyn Kent and Hope Dougherty voiced their opinions on how to progress the team through the new year.

“One major goal hope and I have is to be more bonded throughout the whole team, not just within Jv and varsity, but between that as well,” Kent said. “We want everyone involved and participating in as much as possible. One reason we want to work on team bonding is that when a team is bonded they trust each other more out on the floor, and are able to dance better as a whole, which is something we really have the potential for. One thing I love about dance team is that at any given point I can just look over at my best friends and know exactly what to do next to vibe and make a dance really come alive.”

To connect between teams more, bonding activities like games or yoga have been added to practices.

“The Purrfections dance team is an amazing way to bond with your teammates,” Varsity freshman Bella Stazzone said. “My favorite game we have played at dance is ships and sailors because you get to run around competing against your friends. Our practices are so much fun and help prepare for this upcoming year and camp. From bonding we get to know our teammates better, and how to work together.”

Practices are more than just fun and games though. Captains Doughtery and Kent and work together to choreograph either a jazz or Pom 6-8 count combination to teach at practice every week, to work on technique, musicality and showmanship.
“We experience a variety of dance combos with skills that we look to have forward to,” Varsity sophomore Kenzie Scott said. “I think the pre-camp practices are really helpful and are allowing the dancers to practice new skills before we have to perform in front of an audience.”
“Overall we have a lot of ideas and are super excited to see what next year holds,” Kent said.”Right now the team is the best it’s ever been. We are so ready to keep improving.”
By Rachel Montgomery