Dance team debuts new uniforms thanks to extensive fund-raising

The Purrfections dance team has begun to display its new wardrobe during half time performances at basketball and boys’ soccer games. Dancers held various fund-raisers and used profits to purchase pom tops and jazz dresses. The team also had the option to purchase warm-ups which consist of a jacket and matching sweatpants.

“[The dancers] have worn the pom tops at games since early December,” Coach April Shaw said. “The jazz dresses will be debuted soon. Uniforms will also be worn at competition later this month.”

Pom tops were $180 each and jazz dresses were $120 each. Both uniforms were ordered from Varsity, a well-know organization which produces dance and cheerleading uniforms.

Fund-raising was key in making the purchase.

“[The team] sold popcorn buckets, official sport team cups, had three car washes, a team garage sale and two nights at Funtown,” Shaw said.

Though dancers had to put many hours into fund-raising, it paid off.

“The fund-raising was not difficult, but very time consuming. At the same time, it was very profitable and extremely worthwhile,” said freshman Keiran Sheridan, a varsity dance team member.

The new uniforms are unlike those the Purrfections have worn in the past, but the Sheridan enjoys the change.

“I like the fact that they make a statement,” she said. “They make us feel and look more professional. I also love that fact that they have sequins and are pleather. Can it get any better?”
By Felicia Solazzo