Dance team debuts new gear


In preparation for the game and competition season, the Purrfections dance team has purchased new backpacks as well as warmup jackets and pants. The varsity team also has purchased a set of hip-hop jerseys for its upcoming competition in that category. 

“Getting new outfits and stuff for the team is always nice,” junior varsity dancer Hunter Delaney (9) said. “Wearing the same costumes every year gets boring for both the team and our audience. It’s fun for everyone when we switch things up.”

 Other members such as Raven Morgan (10) like the purchases for their usefulness.

“With the [jacket and pants], we needed to get a new set because the retailer we bought them from took down the style,” Morgan said. “All the new people who joined weren’t able to get the same set, so we all bought new ones of a different type. As for our backpacks, they fit all of our dance and performance stuff well, plus it looks more unified as a team to all carry the same one.” 

The varsity members’ new costume is meant for their upcoming competition in hip-hop. They debuted this new set of jerseys on Friday before the pep rally. 

“It’s always fun to get new costumes, and being able to wear these ones at the pep rally is really cool because of how new they are,” varsity dancer Elizabeth Beattie (11) said. “They are also super-fashionable and I love them.”

The JV team debuted a new costume at the basketball game Thursday. 

“The new uniforms help us stand out from other teams,” Delaney said. “We look more professional and composed.”

By Elise Chauvin