Crew heads into sprint season

Space Coast Crew has ended its fall season and is now approaching the start of the next part of the rowing season. Sprint season poses different challenges and new strategies for the returning members and the novices are preparing for their first competition ever as a rower Feb. 4.

“Sprint season is definitely an entirely different aspect of crew,” said third-year rower Eran del Castillo, a junior. “These races are only 6 minutes long and unlike head races, you don’t have time to think or strategize in your head, you just go.”

While the returnees think about boat line ups and the races to come, the novices are still unaware of what they’ll even be facing.

“I’ve heard stories about [the races] and we’ve been preparing for them for months, and I still don’t know what to expect,” sophomore Jacob Eberwein said. “But by the way that everyone takes this sport so seriously, I’m kind of nervous about it.”

By Loryn Schopke