Cheer team raises money for new state-of-the-art outfits

Briana Sandoval, Copy Editor


Senior cheerleader Madison Glatz has taken initiative to raise money, with the help of the rest of her team, for new cheer uniforms. Glatz proposed the idea to her coach, Carrie Wadzinski, at the beginning of the year. The project served two purposes — to help raise money for the cheer team and to satisfy her Senior Project requirements.

“I chose to raise money for the team because we’re more of a family than a team, and I wanted to give back to them,” Glatz said.  “[Coach Carrie] does so much for all of us and even helps fund and support the team when it’s needed. I wanted to take some of that responsibility off of her shoulders and show the appreciation that I have for her and the whole team.”   

Rising senior cheerleader Mariah Jones said she is looking forward to wearing the new uniforms.

“I am really excited that we are getting them because, of course, they are super-cute,” Jones said. “I feel like it’s something the team deserves because of all the hard work that everyone put in to raise the money to purchase them. It’s really fun to be able to wear different things when we perform at games, so I like that we are getting a new addition to what we currently have.”

Jones said she is grateful for Glatz’s efforts.

“It’s really inspiring that Madison made this her Senior Project to help the team raise money,” Jones said. “It shows how close our team is because even though she won’t be wearing them herself, she did it in a way that we would be able to and it’s a great example of how we all try to help each other out. She did so wonderful planning the events. I’m so glad she was able to achieve her goal of raising enough money to get the new uniforms.”

Through its fund-raising efforts, the cheer team raised about $2,500. As for the look, the uniforms will be long-sleeved and charcoal gray as opposed to the navy blue color the cheerleaders currently wear. The team will debut its new outfits during the fall cheer season.

I’m so proud of how everyone came together to work

for this and am so happy that I could give the team uniforms,” Glatz said. “Everyone works so hard at what we do and after the amazing year that we had as a team I’m proud to have helped them. I can’t wait to see them wearing the uniforms.”