Cheer re-organizing teams for next season



JV cheerleaders Carina Wallace (8), Piper Barker (7), Ella Bendall (8), Destiny Harding (7), Paulette Pozo (8), Morgan O’Rourke (7), and Alivia Hayes (8) practice stunts at the varsity boys’ basketball game against Satellite High School on Dec. 6.

Next cheer season, instead of being divided into a varsity and JV teams the team will be split into blue and silver teams. 

“The silver team will be the gameday cheerleaders, the ones you’ll see on the sideline,” freshman Hannah Jones said. “The blue team will be performance-based and will make up the competition team when the season comes around.”

According to freshman Reese Ransom, the new configuration offers an option for less commitment and money. The blue team is more expensive, has more practices and will also be performing at more games. The silver team, on the other hand, is less expensive and a with less commitment. 

“I think more people would want to join because there is an option for less commitment, but if you want to travel more or be more dedicated, be on blue,” Ransom said. 

The new teams also will provide coaches an opportunity to improve their focus. 

“Since the dance coach will be helping with the silver team during basketball season, the blue team coaches won’t have to focus on the silver team as much as the blue team, so we can progress better,” Ransom said. 

 The new teams could bring some changes to the way the old teams worked together.

“I think that the formation of the new teams will definitely alter the dynamic between the two,” Jones said. “ There won’t be anymore JV/Varsity divide, it will just be game day and performance.”  

By Calianna Counsman