Boys’ soccer drowns Sharks in 10-0 victory

Lindsay Gorham, Staff Writer

With two goals each, juniors Richard Dujovne and Jimmy Murren led the boys’ soccer team to an emphatic victory against Atlantic. Senior Liam Wixted and Tyler Moscrip, juniors Ryan Robidoux and Brandon Duncan, and sophomores Brad Mooney and Sam Kundrat also assisted to the 10-0 victory with one goal each.

“I was doubting myself before this game but it feels fantastic [scoring],” Dujovne said. “Now if we play a team that actually has skill, we’ll have more confidence and it helped the morale of our team.”

The team used the large victory as a learning experience and an opportunity to play the younger players according to junior Jimmy Murren.

“It allowed us to work on tactics and transitions,” Murren said. “The ability of our younger team is strong and shows a lot of potential as showed last night.”

The team takes on the Vero Beach Indians with J.V. starting 5:30 p.m. and varsity at 7 p.m.