Basketball teams get new stomping ground

Security upgrades and a redesigned cafeteria were not the only renovations the school underwent during the summer. The Wildcats’ home court was also refurbished. Changes include new two-tone hardwood and team brandings.

“The court has more grip than it used to,” said senior Tony Hedrick, who plays center on the varsity basketball team. “Normally the dirt and dust would collect on the old court and we would constantly slip.”

The updated court is part of numerous recent improvements to the campus.

“I like the fact that the area between the arc and paint is a different shade than the rest of the court,” Hedrick said. “I’m not a big fan of the new wildcat logo at center court, but other than that the court looks good.”

The basketball court is sanded down and repainted every several years.

“I love the floor already,” junior Matt Marcinkowski said, “although it was kind of a nuisance at first. 

While the gym was under maintenance, the basketball teams had to hold some of their summer practices in Floridana Beach, which is located approximately 30 minutes away from the school.

Still, Marcinkowski appreciates playing on the new surface.

“We just hope the gym classes won’t mess up the new court too much,” he said. 

The varsity boys’ basketball team plays its first preseason game Nov. 20.

By Cullen Capaldi