Basketball coach off to fast start

Konur Oyman, Staff Writer

The West Shore athletics community has welcomed a new member, Greg Buttrick, the middle-school and junior varsity boys’ basketball coach.  A former Lieutenant for the Brevard County Sheriff Office, Buttrick has a history of accomplishments and believes he has the intangibles to be successful in his new position.

Buttrick’s athletic career began with softball in 1999, where he led his sheriff’s ocffice co-ed team to a silver medal in the nation, and then an international silver medal in 2000.

Buttrick’s basketball career did not start until 2007, and in 2011 his sheriff’s office team finished first overall in the nation and third overall in the World Police and Fire Games, losing to Athens, Greece.

“I have a winning attitude as well as being a role model,” Buttrick said.  In addition to winning many athletic awards, Buttrick has also been recognized for his off-the-court service to the community, winning the Sergeant Lucy Ross award recognizing him for his compassion and commitment to excellence to the youth of the community.

“I  hope to show kids the right path, and maybe help them follow a career in the law enforcement field,” he said.

Buttrick has left an impression on junior Sam Lack.

“He is a stand-up guy who brings a lot of experience and energy to the team and is a good influence,” Lack said.

Buttrick already has the middle school boys’ team off to a winning record and has had much praise from multiple middle school basketball players parents.  He hopes to translate his talents from middle school to junior varsity and lead the junior varsity team to a winning season.

Said Buttrick: “Everyone loves a winner.”


By: Konur Oyman