Banners to commemorate soccer title

The school administration and soccer booster club are collaborating to purchase two banners to commemorate the varsity soccer team’ Class 2A state championship.

One banner will hang inside the gym, and the other will hang on the wall facing the soccer field. The permanent 4 feet by 8 feet banner that would hang on the outside wall of the gym would be purchased from Sant’ Angelo dei Lombardi, a company that has previously produced signage for the school.

“We are not sure what we want it to say yet,” Assistant Principal Jim Melia said. “We could put a picture with a Wildcat on there saying ‘Home of the 2012 Boys 2A State Champion Team,’ or we could just put ‘State Champs’ with pictures of the boys. We are still deciding.”

The banner inside the gym will will be purchased from Dean Stewart Photography.

“We want pictures of the boys during the game on the banner,” Athletic Director Bonnie Bettis said. “Coach [John] Krebil and I have been working on finding pictures that really capture the key moments of the game. We want to make sure that the reaction of the team members during the winning moment is remembered forever.”

Members of the soccer team, who will also be recognized at the spring pep rally on April 20, are enthused with the idea.

“It’s cool because in 20 or 30 years when we come back to visit and see the banner, we will be able to bask in our glory,” junior Liam Wixted said.

By Keiran Sheridan