Athletes adapt to new schedule

Cayman Alford, Staff Writer

Chris Johnson (12) prepares to go for a run in the rain even though his lacrosse season has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s just not the same.

“It’s hard to set aside time to work out now,” Johnson said. “When it was set aside for a gym class, I didn’t have to worry about working out. Now I have to make sure I make time for it each day.”

On March 20, Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order to close schools in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The order detailed how the federal government has asked states and citizens to practice social distancing and closing businesses such as restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Other businesses such as gyms and fitness centers also were forced to close, leaving students searching for other ways to stay fit. 

“Luckily, my friend has a pretty nice home gym,” Colton Serven (12) said. “I’ve been doing way more cardio than I am used to, but its still a good workout.”

Students with home gyms and friends with home gyms have had a relatively easy time adjusting their schedules and fitting exercise into their new routines, but  Zane Sanders (12) doesn’t have that luxury. Instead, he has been doing a workout regiment called the Murph Challenge which is based on a workout regimen employed by Navy SEALS in training.

“The challenge is really hard at first,” Sanders said. “The amount of pull-ups and push-ups takes a toll on you fast compared to using weights.”

Severn said the most important part of staying healthy during the pandemic is just putting in the effort and staying fit.

“It doesn’t really matter what you have to work with,” he said. “What’s really important is that you don’t start slacking and falling behind.”