Pulling together

Gritting their teeth in concentration, juniors Katelyn Kilpatrick and John Bond work with their homeroom “The Fresh Finch of Bel-Air” to beat the senior homeroom “Martinez’s m&ms” in the tug-o-war competition at the annual Wildcat Challenge field day Friday. Graphic design teacher Jim Finch’s homeroom dominated the junior tug-o-war competition, pushing their team to third place in the overall competition before losing to Senora Aida Martinez’s homeroom in the juniors-versus-seniors tug. “It was like extreme competition, as if their lives depended on it,” junior Tryphina Mikhail said. “Nobody wanted to give ground.” In previous years, the Wildcat Challenge had been contested over two days, but changes in the FCAT testing schedule forced the change to a one-day format.

Photo credit: Ashley Sanchez