Too much of Casey Anthony

Every time I turn on the news there is some new “breaking news” on the Casey Anthony case. This has been going on for about two years now, and there seems like there will be no end to it.

Anthony is everywhere I look. The case is getting repetitive and if there isn’t a a big step towards justice, like new pressing evidence or a legitimate suspect, then I don’t think that the news of her ongoing case should trump news about an important issues such as the disaster in Alabama or news about a recent kidnapping.

Maybe if there wasn’t so much coverage on the case against Casey the court system would be able to find reliable jurors and finally give the young girl, Caylee, justice. I don’t see why almost every news station is covering an old case like this rather than one about a child who has recently gone missing and could possibly save that child.

Broadcasters should re prioritize, and instead of focusing on an untimely story with no recent news value for 20 minutes, they should use that time to focus on the real news that is affecting people now.

By Brooke Robertson, sophomore