Tech week advantage seems unfair

Stephanie Shaw, Staff Writer

Every year the drama department puts on a fabulous fall musical.  This year those amazing actors and actresses along side with dancers and tech crew put together “Hello, Dolly!”  I went to see the production, and it was funny and very entertaining.  Tech week is a very hectic time for the drama kids and maybe having a little slack during that week is a good thing.  But when your math teachers make you test on a Friday if you weren’t in the play and gives the drama kids an extra five days to study,  that’s not right.  I don’t get extra days to study because I’m not in the play.

Students all over this school are involved in extracurricular activities.  Some students are driving home from Orlando and don’t get home until 10 o’clock every night and you don’t see those kids getting any slack.  Yes, during tech week teachers should slack on those kids a little. But making the kids who didn’t perform in the play take a math test early just doesn’t sit well with me.  Giving the option to everybody to take the test later would have been a better solution.