School absence policy unreasonable

We’ve all been absent for sickness, vacation, personal problems or to take a break from all the stress. And, usually, you don’t think about how many unexcused absences you may have because the allotted nine seem reasonable. But, aside from special circumstances, the only way to get an absence excused is to acquire a doctor’s note, otherwise it counts towards your nine – even if you leave school directly from the nurse’s office. I believe this is unreasonable. Being sent home by the nurse should be enough proof for the school system that you are sick.

Furthermore, what about the people who simply cannot afford to run to the doctor every time the flu or a stomach bug or a cold goes around? What about the people who don’t believe in using modern medicine and instead depend on natural remedies? Our society advocates equal treatment and is sensitive to issues concerning people’s beliefs and money. Especially in a taxpayer funded institution like West Shore, credence should be given to the students and the parents who, for whatever reason, simply cannot produce a doctor’s note. The school and/or the school district need to go over this policy and come up with a more reasonable solution.