Comfy sweatpants gain in style status

Brittany Cho, News Editor

Without question, on a day that feels crummy or sluggish whether due to an APUSH all-nighter or an AP chemistry study sesh, sweatpants are a wardrobe staple. Everyone probably owns a pair of these comfy pants. Who wants to take the time to dress up if they feel gross and just don’t care? It’s much easier to slip on sweats instead of thinking up a complicated look; however, these comfy cotton pants get a bad rep for being unstylish and homely. Though sweatpants have become a symbol for the slovenly dressed and have long been notorious in the fashion industry, new designs by popular stores have brought them back to life and into the present.  Just because they’re called “sweat”pants, doesn’t mean they need to be taboo in any place other than the gym. It doesn’t particularly matter what you wear, but more so how you choose to work it. Thanks to Hollister and Victoria’s Secret, sweatpants aren’t the unsightly, gray sacks that made their name infamous. The current tight, form-hugging sweats are chic and look like flare jeans, coming in far too many colors to count. These new designs are part of a new era of casual chic. Don’t limit your style options to a tank top or hoodie when wearing sweatpants. Although some people love the sporty look, you can add an air of prep to your outfit if you wear the pants with a cardigan and some pearls. You can even make the sweatpants look grunge if you rock them with a plaid shirt, leather or studs. Sweatpants scream casualness, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them on a hot date or to a party. The pants can make people seem chill but that doesn’t mean those people are automatically seen as slobs. Sweatpants will only make you look like a slob if you put no thought into how you wear them or what you wear them with. Even if you’re wearing a dress lined with silk, you’ll look nasty if your hair and accessories are unbalanced and crazy looking. The same logic applies to sweatpants. Sweatpants no longer need to be shunned as sloppy because of new styles, their ability to adapt to the season’s hottest looks, and that they can be worn everywhere. They don’t deserve to be labeled with a bad name any longer. It’s not the sweatpants that look slovenly but how we wear them, what we wear them with and our attitude towards them that make them seem so.