College app process can be stressful

Valery Linkenhoker, Managing editor

College is one of the most stressful topics as you reach senior year. Whether it be applications, decision letters or considering where you will study, the process as a whole is full of ups and downs.

The application process is probably the least-stressful because all there is to it is filling out information you already know and have filled out a dozen times before. Make sure to fill out applications to more than one school even if you are sure you are going to get in because you never know what might happen. Also, apply to your dream school because you never know if you’re going to get in or not.

Once the applications are submitted, the next few weeks produce a series of emotions from being 100 percent sure that you’ve gotten in, to 5 percent sure and returning to your computer to fill out more applications.

When the acceptance letters come out, you are either waiting to rip open the envelope and celebrate getting into yet another school or waiting for someone to open the mail for you.

Once you have all your acceptance letters, deciding which college to choose is going to be a roller coaster of debating reasonable tuition and location.

You have to choose a school with your intended major as well as another major that might interest you just in case you change your mind while you’re at college. Be sure you like the campus because if you change your major and the school you go to doesn’t have anything else you are passionate about or want to major in, at least you’ll be on a campus you like.

Find a college you will be able to thrive in and not one where you will be distracted by outside factors every day. Obviously there are going to be parties and other distractions, but make sure that you are able to finish your college studies in the most successful way that you can.

The cost of college is the most stressful part. Freshman tuition and fees are the most expensive, especially when you factor in meal plans and housing. The price to attend my college of choice jumped about $20,000 a year after including meal plans and other miscellaneous costs, and it was a price I was not ready for or took into account. My word of advice is double-check all the freshman fees and requirements.

Regardless of where you decide to go, West Shore has academically prepped you to take on college with the knowledge you will need to succeed.