Blue-Silver game not fun for everyone

Sarah Brusca, Staff Writer

The newly rescheduled for the end of the season Blue and Silver game was initially an event to bring money to the soccer programs, but it has now become the time that the boys get to flaunt their skills and come up with obnoxious goal celebrations, while the girls are embarrassed in front a large portion of the student body.

This event is solely based on how badly the girls will lose and how much the boys can put it in their faces. Everyone says it’s only for fun, but tell me how much fun it is to be humiliated in front of your peers and have no ability to prevent it.  People are paying to watch the celebration dances and cheers, therefore they already know that the girls will be brutally annihilated.

The only people who have to suffer is the girls’ soccer team; why doesn’t basketball or any other sport take part in “fun” competitions?  The reason is because no other athletic teams are willing to throw in their girls against the boys who play in a different way.  Soccer may be seen as soccer, but the way it is played is completely different between girls and boys.  Boys like to be quick and have power when girls are more finesse based and precise with their movements.  The playing fields are not equal therefore making it impossible for the girls to have a chance or even in slightest enjoy themselves.