Black’s ‘Friday’ proceeds support good causes

Recently, a 13-year-old girl, Rebecca Black, has gained a lot of negative attention for her song “Friday”. The music video for this song has now been removed from Youtube because it gained over 1 million dislikes. The video also received many negative comments. I believe that Rebecca Black does not deserve all of the negative attention. She is donating all of her proceeds from the song “Friday” to a good cause. All of the estimated $40,000 Black received for the song was donated to both Japan and her own school. Rebecca Black is obviously a good person, whether you like the song or not, for helping the victims of the natural disasters in Japan.

Also, even if you do not like the song or believe it has less than clever lyrics, Rebecca Black didn’t even write the song herself. The people really deserving the negative attention are writers and producers of the song: Clarence Jey and Patrice Wilson. So if anyone has any negative comments about the song, they should be directed at the writers, not the innocent young girl who cried when she saw the many negative comments.

By Kayla Edwards, sophomore