Yearbook staff ramps up Instagram posts

The yearbook staff has been putting a lot more work and time into its social media accounts, specifically Instagram, according to Bailey Hetzel (11), who brought up the idea during the summer and has since been the head of  the “Arcadia” social media team.

“I thought we needed to utilize our social media more,” Hetzel said. “It’s such a big part of the world today and such a valuable tool that we can be using to really connect West Shore students and get more people excited about the yearbook at the end of the year.” 

Students seem to be enjoying the Instagram page as it has gained hundreds of followers and keeps students up to date on school activities.

“It really brings the west shore community together and helps us stay connected,” Kiera Mayott (10) said. “It’s nice knowing where I can find information about school and get updated on activities.” 

Hetzel said she didn’t think the team would be as big as it is. 

“We’ve never really had someone on social media all year not to mention a whole team dedicated to it,” Hetzel said. “I planned on having two other people work with me but due to how large the yearbook staff is this year, [but] I have four people working with me so I’m grateful for the help.”

With how much effort goes into the social media, Hetzel was concerned she wouldn’t get as many opportunities to work on the yearbook. 

“I was a little skeptical because when I took the social media editor position I figured I wouldn’t be able to work on the book at all, but that’s not the case,” she said. “I still get quotes and pictures as well as write stories and edit other students’ spreads.”

The  yearbook staff is still working out how to best handle the accounts. 

“In the future I definitely think it can be handled by two people, but this year is kind of a transition year because it’s our first time ever having a social media team,” Hetzel said. “We’re kind of doing trial and error at the moment.”

By Kelsi Minter