Yearbook staff eyes Winter Break deadline

Despite having to meet two deadlines in the past four weeks and sending 96 pages to their yearbook company, the yearbook staff aims to send 23 to 24 spreads to their company by Winter Break.

“The [deadline] coming up, I can’t exactly share the exact date, because it’s confidential,” co-Editor in Chief Anna Wilder. “But it will be sometime around Dec. 15 to Dec. 23. Somewhere in between there. So coming up very quickly.”

The deadline is for their yearbook company, Jostens, and they will be sending pages with senior quotes, some ads, and chronologicals.

“It’s pretty insane,” Wilder said. “Honestly, for some people, it’s a lot, but there are some people in the class who are really starting to love yearbook and working towards it, wanting to produce more and more, and kind of putting themselves out there to be the next editor in chief. And that’s want we really like to see, people who are really passionate and wanting to do this.”

But there is also additional pressure on the staff regarding the spreads they recently sent out. After the yearbook staff send out spreads, they come back on paper for the staff to proof them. And work on proofing the spreads already has begun.

“When we get [the proofs] back on paper, we only have three days until we send them back,” Lasya Damaraju, a section and managing editor for the yearbook, said. “So we don’t have time, we have three days.”

Even with all the pressure, Damaraju said she believes they’re on track to meet the deadline. She also mentioned that the entire staff is handling the deadline well.

“Sometimes it can cause a little stress,” Damaraju said. “But I’d say right now, we’re more in a working mode than stressed.”

Winter Break remains the only reprieve in the staff’s tight schedule.

“Right after we get back from Winter Break, we have another 23 [spreads] due in two weeks,” Wilder said. “So it’s like — these months are just like craziness. ‘You have to make your deadline! Go, go, go!’ That sort of thing.”

By Surina Venkat