Wildcats dominate State Science Fair


Arcadia staff

In the front office, sophomore Srimayi Tenali displays her science fair trophy.

At the State Science Fair, 12 out of the 14 West Shore students who participated earned awards. The students competed in seven categories, from health and medicine to mathematics. The winners were seventh graders Lydia H. and Ashley P., eighth graders Muhammad A., Tate L., Noah W., and Calista F., freshmen Mamoon Syed and Huda Naas, sophomore Srimayi Tenali, and seniors Nick Etrick, Elena Abascal, and David Anderson.

Tenali was the Grand Prize Winner in the Physical category, and will compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles in May, and also earned first place in mathematics,  $1,300, and a $20,000 scholarship. Muhammad A. won first place and $200. Etrick earned second Place and a $86,000 scholarship. Abascal, Syed, Tate L., and Noah W. won third place while Anderson and Lydia H. won fourth place. Naas received an Honorable Mention. Calista won second place in her category and $200 and Ashley won $25.

Science research teacher Mary Anderson said her students had a wide range of projects.

“We had projects from behavioral problems like Elena Abascal’s project that looked at discrimination and organ donation to math projects like Srimayi Tenali’s graph theory project,” Anderson said.

Lydia H. said her project looked into different types of beef people consume.

“I tested antibiotics in beef to look for healthier types of beef to eat because its important to learn about the different health benefits in different foods we consume,” she said.

Anderson added that the State Science Fair is a good opportunity for the students to meet other people who share their interests.

“We had 14 students competing in seven categories, and I think the kids really enjoyed meeting other kids who were as interested in science and math as they are,” Anderson said. “Also, all the judges are professionals and have Ph.Ds so their backgrounds allowed them to understand the kids’ projects, it’s just a lot of fun.”

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last name on its web sites.