WiFi access gives way to testing

Due to the increased in computer-based standardized testing, the Brevard Public Schools student wireless network has been shut down temporarily.

This year, FCAT and end of course exams will be taken online. In order for the BPS student wireless to support efficient internet access to so many computers at once, something needed to be cut out off from the server.

“If something was not removed from the system, it would get overloaded and crash,” Assistant Principal Jim Melia said. “It will only be down through the remainder of the testing window, so it isn’t like it is gone forever.”

Each spring, testing becomes the district’s priority.

“Since some of these tests are timed, the last thing we want to happen is that a student cannot finish their test because the computer was not loading fast enough. This is for the best of the students,” Melia said.

Without wireless access, students are no longer able to use the school’s internet on their iPods, iPads, iPhones and other similar devices.

“It’s really inconvenient that they are not letting students log into the WiFi from our own devices,” sophomore Michelle Smith said. “I used to be able to go on the internet from my phone before and after school, but now I can’t without using up my data plan.”

This cut is affecting the administration on campus as well.

“I used to be able to sign in to the internet from my iPad, but I can’t do that anymore. Now I will have to be in my office if I want to use a computer,” Melia said.

The computer testing will be continuous until the end of the school year, so the wireless will most likely remain shut down until next year.

By Keiran Sheridan