West Shore moves up three spots in rankings

Isabel Burden, Staff Writer

We’re No. 4. Each year, “U.S. News and World Report” ranks every high school in the United States, and in its recent list, West Shore ranks fourth overall in Florida and 53 in the United States. “U.S. News and World Report’ also gave West Shore an overall score of 99.7/100. In order to achieve this score factors such as college readiness, math and reading proficiency and graduation rate are analyzed. With a 100 percent graduation rate and 99 and 100 percent proficient in mathematics and reading respectively, West Shore was also ranked No. 1 1 in Brevard County and No. 5 in the state for math and reading proficiency. 

West Shore moved up three places in the state over last year when the school was No. 7.

Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer celebrated the accomplishment.

“I am exceptionally proud,” Halbuer said. “Our kids and staff rock.”

Principal Rick Fleming, who has always been outspoken about the school’s rankings, continues to strive for improvement. 

“The rankings for all the leading periodicals use different metrics with which to rank schools, so our numbers fluctuate near the top of any given year,” he said. “The most important thing is for students to challenge themselves with a very rigorous AP schedule and by doing this it is, most importantly preparing them for college while also helping these rankings.”

Halbuer expressed similar thoughts on what could help boost the school’s standing. 

“I would ask each student to do their personal best on their upcoming exams and not focus on rankings but rather focus on ‘did I do everything I could to be the best student possible?’ with the challenges we faced this semester due to COVID-19.”

Even with the school year cut short, Halbuer said it was the students and staff that allowed West Shore to move up in the rankings. 

“West Shore received a higher ranking because of the incredible commitment of our students, teachers, counselors, staff and families,” she said. “Everyone is focused on making sure each of our students is stretched to their full potential.”