Water-color expert to instruct art class

Annamarie Zink’s drawing and painting 2 classes usually consist of students learning a brief lesson from Zink, and then heading off in their own direction, but not in this case.

Teresa Ferguson, a local watercolor teacher at the Melbourne Adult Learning Center has been asked to come next week to teach students about the precision and beauty in watercolors.

“I really wanted her to come and teach my classes,” Zink said. “She’s a phenomenal artist, and I was hoping I could learn a little something from her too.”

Zink takes water color painting classes from Ferguson every week.

“When I started out in water coloring, all of my paintings came out really faded, Teresa taught me how to layer the colors to make the painting really pop,” Zink said.

Sophomore Samantha Grant expects to learn a great deal.

“I really love the water color medium and I am looking forward to the teacher coming in, it makes me just feel awesome,” she said.

But sophomore Samantha Watson, who is taking a different art class, feels a bit left out.

“They’re so lucky they get to learn water colors, we’re just making pinch pots right now,” she said.

Zink is preparing her students Ferguson’s arrival.

“I want [students] to master the 30 minute chicken painting and the leaf,” Zink said. “When Teresa comes in, I want her to not have to go back and teach [them] all the basics in water colors.”

By Jessica Blanco